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Hearst to host the 2020 OHF ‘PeeWee A’ Championship

The Hearst PeeWee A Lumber Kings are this year’s hosts of the OHF PeeWee A Championship. The tournament will be held at the Claude Larose Arena in Hearst, ON from April 10th-12th, 2020.

The PeeWee A Hearst Lumber Kings don’t let being from a small town slow them down. They are excited for the competition the OHF Championship presents and hope to use this experience to prove what they are capable of, helping the group further grow as a team. With over 13 inches and 90lbs between the largest and smallest player on the team, the Lumber Kings hope to use their diversity as a club to their advantage. Additionally, the Lumber Kings boast an entire francophone roster. The Hearst Lumber Kings travel on average 10,000 kilometers each year for regular season games.

The Lumber Kings and the town of Hearst are very excited to be hosting the upcoming OHF PeeWee A Championship. A small, but mighty town – Hearst has much to offer to the visiting teams and their families. Here are just a few facts about the Hearst community:

  • They are home to an NOJHL team, the Hearst Lumberjacks. The Lumberjacks won their first championship in their 2nd year in the league, qualifying for the Dudley Hewitt Cup
  • The town is proclaimed as the Moose Capital of the World
  • Hearst is known for its prominent presence in the forestry industry.
  • Over 90% of it’s residents are francophone